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Listening To Your Body

What a week!  I realized more than ever before how important it is to listen to your body.  But it does not stop there.  Due to the nature of having Type 1 diabetes, I have times when my sugar is really high or low and sometimes shifting between the two quickly.  This past week was one of those weeks where it seemed no matter what I did, nothing seemed to change.  At first I was so stressed and worried about it but then of course that made matters worse.  I decided to listen, truly be aware of my body, and see if I can figure out what to do to help me get through the week.

For one I rested.  This is not an easy task for me and I am not one that enjoys slowing down but I did.  I had to disappoint a few people (including my 10-year-old) and take the time I needed.   I made sure I ate well and drank lots of water.  I felt very fatigued and I made sure that I didn’t overdo it with any strenuous activities.  My high sugars have  started to slowly go down and I feel more like myself.

What I learned from this week is that our bodies tell us in many ways when we need to slow down, eat better and hydrate.  In yoga we teach how important it is to have a mind-body connection.  When we are stressed, our body responds to it in so many ways, migraines, stomach issues, muscles tension-I could go on and on.  Take the time to listen to your body.  I understand so well that this is not always an option especially being a parent. But by taking care of our physical body, I believe, will ultimately help you be a better you-it certainly helped me.

Be Happy, Be Well,


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