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Serenity Shelter?

Last week my family and I  went to the Polar Caves in NH.  During this visit we came across this wonderful structure called the “Serenity Shelter”.  This of course got me thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a place to go and find peace and serenity in my life.  When I say a “place” I mean an actual place-not in my mind.  I also thought about how wonderful it would be to have a place in my home or in my yard that I can actually go when I need to just sit and breathe.

Although I do not have such a place in my home, I do find true peace and serenity when I am in Ogunquit Maine.  When I am sitting on a bench along the Marginal Way looking out at the ocean, I feel such peace in my mind and in my body. I know when I am there it is a gift and I am so grateful that I have found a place that soothes my soul. But of course this does not help me when I cannot be in Maine.

Finding a “Serenity Shelter” at home is a new goal for me.  I know for sure that when I figure out where this will be, I need to shut my phone off and tell my family that I need a few minutes to not be disturbed.  I feel this is so important to have a physical spot set-up to just have time to take a moment and be present. It might be your bedroom or maybe outside in your yard or even a few minutes when you walk your dog.  I am sure some of you who might be reading this are saying “sure this would work in my house-ha ha”. It can work but it takes work to carve out time for ourselves.  If it is impossible to find a place at your home then maybe you can find a place near by.  For some people it’s the gym or at the track.  Just a place where you feel you can breathe and distress. I will be working on this for myself and I will let you know when I find it.  Have a wonderful week.




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