Bonnie McCulloch

My Sister-My Gift

My sister Maureen is one of my greatest gifts.  My Mom never had a sister and after having three boys and a girl (my sister), she prayed that she would have a girl to give my sister the gift that she never had-a sister.  I find peace in knowing that I can go to her at anytime, tell her anything and she will love me.  She has comforted me in some of the worst times in my life and she loves my son as if he is her’s.  She always supported me in my dream to become a yoga instructor and made me feel like I could do/be anything I wanted.

It is so important to have people in your life that add to your life-somehow they just make it better.  It could be anyone-a sister, a spouse, a friend. I am so grateful for my sister and she is truly a blessing in my life.  If you have someone in your life that you consider a blessing, tell them! I spent the whole day today with my sister -I feel so lucky.

Take note this week of the people around you that help you find peace in your life-maybe you are “that” person for someone else.

Peace to all of you,



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